Lee on Brexit

I want to give you a final say on the Brexit deal

Any Brexit deal is going to impact you.

The Newbury and West Berkshire area is uniquely connected with Europe: we have many companies, large and small, dependent on European collaboration and free trade that employ thousands of people locally; we are also a largely rural constituency with prosperous communities reliant on trade of agricultural products, the Single Market, and freedom of movement with the EU. 

As a local person who works hard to improve the welfare of local families, I have seen first hand the enormous contribution that our colleagues from across Europe make to our community, with their friendship, skills, and hard work essential to the success of many of our public services and businesses. 

Brexit puts all of this at risk.

I want to be clear to you that I hold the firm view that any Brexit is bad for you and your family, for Newbury, and for the UK, and I will do all that I can to Stop Brexit, including giving you the final say on any Brexit deal.

If we are successful in this election and are elected to form the government, then the Liberal Democrats will have a clear mandate to Stop Brexit. This is the only way in which there can be an immediate end to the 3 years of division, and enable the country to move forward on those things that really matter such as education, the environment, inequality, the NHS, social care and housing.  

And it is only through working internationally and closely with our European friends that we will be able to tackle the most challenging international issues such as the climate emergency and protecting our environment.

I believe that being a member of the European Union is the best deal that this country can possibly have. As a full member, but outside of the Eurozone and the Schengen area, we already have control of our money and our borders. It is through the EU that we also have protection on workers rights, and freedom of movement that enables you and your family to holiday, study, work and live in 27 other European countries. 

I'm passionate that my children should have the freedom to grasp every opportunity that the world has to offer them wherever their future lies. We should not be putting obstacles in their path that limits their choices.

Lee Dillon - a voice from West Berkshire, for West Berkshire.


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