Lee on the environment & climate change

Demand better action for the environment

We are fortunate in West Berkshire to  have a large area designated as outstanding natural beauty. Protecting the countryside, it’s wildlife and biodiversity, and addressing climate change is one of my priorities if I were to be elected to represent you in Parliament.

There are many pressures on our environment: air quality in some of our traffic hot-spots are at unacceptable levels, wildlife habitat and biodiversity in our countryside is under threat, the levels of recycling are far less than what we need if we are to achieve a circular economy, and all this is set against a backdrop of a warming climate due to manmade emissions of greenhouse gasses.

If we take bold action now we can ensure we leave our environment in a healthy state for our children, 

  • we can improve the quality of the air we breath, we can reduce waste, we can increase the biodiversity in our countryside, 
  • we can have homes fit for the future built to the highest quality standards so reducing the energy we consume on heating, 
  • and we can tackle climate change to stabilise carbon emissions and reduce further global warming. 

The government made a start by declaring a Climate Emergency but uniquely for an emergency nothing seems to have changed - the Lib Dems demand better!

We already have a plan and are ready to act. 

  1. For a start, we recognise we have to minimise the extraction and consumption of fossil fuels in order to keep carbon in the ground. 
  2. We will ban fracking and instead increase investment in the production of renewable energy. 
  3. We will accelerate the transition towards low carbon transport by banning the sale of new petrol or diesel cars by 2030, and we will reform vehicle taxation to promote public transport, encourage sales of electric and low-emission vehicles and develop electric vehicle infrastructure including universal charging points. 
  4. We will invest in new technologies in the emerging field of carbon capture and storage, and instead of emitting carbon we will position the UK as a world leader and export our carbon capture solutions to the world. 
  5. Instead of allowing developers to build new homes that rely on the burning of fossil fuels for delivering energy, we will refresh building standards to ensure every new home is built with zero carbon design principles at heart.

For West Berkshire I will support the passing of the ‘Nature Act’ which will set out legally binding targets, protecting biodiversity, clean air and water to preserve and enhance our precious countryside. 

Tackling climate change can no longer be put off to some future date.

I hope you share my view that working together we can make these changes and ensure that we leave our planet in a healthy state for future generations.

Lee Dillon - a voice from West Berkshire, for West Berkshire.


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