Lee supports the Letwin Amendment

The cross-party amendment proposed by Oliver Letwin enabled Parliament to express it's view on PM Johnson’s Deal but ensures that a proper process would be followed in Parliament that includes scrutinising the legal text of the PM’s deal. It does not in itself give approval to the deal and acts only as an indicative vote.

It’s essential that such a significant piece of legislation is properly considered. It was ridiculous for the PM to bring to Parliament an International Treaty that will define the UK’s relationship with the European Union with no more than 48 hours notice, and which threatens to undermine the Union of the United Kingdom. Letwin’s amendment quite rightly obliges the PM to request an extension to Brexit to provide Parliament the time to review and, if necessary, modify the legal text and legislation associated with enacting the UK’s exit from the EU. I am pleased that Parliament chose to support it.

This amendment is an example of Parliament working well together and effectively performing its role. It iewwas a cross-party amendment which means members from each of the main parties including Liberal Democrats, Labour, SNP, Plaid Cymru, and Conservative’s together requested a change to the PM’s original proposal.

The Liberal Democrats will always work to give you the final say on any deal, and I believe this is more important now than ever. The PM’s proposed deal is so far removed from what people voted for in 2016, and I will support any opportunity to give you the final choice between this and remaining in the EU. We demand better. 

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