Lee talks to the people of Newbury and West Berkshire

"So this week, MPs in Parliament, finally voted for us to be able to have a say in the future of our country. On the 12th of December this year, only six weeks away, you will have a chance to elect your next MP here in the Newbury Constituency."

"This constituency voted in Remain, and by voting for me you will end up with a Remain MP in Parliament representing you and your views."

"Now of course, this election is about Brexit and the future of our country, but it’s also about more than that. It’s about how we tackle the climate crisis, how we deal with adult social care funding and how we make sure that we have homes that our children can afford to grow up in."

"Over the next six weeks, I’m really excited to be able to get out from Newbury to Thatcham, to Hungerford, and across all of our villages so that I can come and speak to you because I want to find out what your concerns are, so that if I am elected as your next MP, I can make sure I represent you in Westminster."


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