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Whilst national politics dominate the news it is refreshing to participate in a recent Council committee meeting in my local town of Thatcham. Following the local elections in May 2019 this Council switched from being Conservative led to Liberal Democrats.

Attending this committee meeting I can see the positive change a new administration can make. There have been years of cut-backs and a complete freeze on investment by the previous administration which has led to the steady degradation of the facilities available to local people. With a Liberal Democrat Council now in charge I can see immediate changes and was pleased to be able to engage with the Council to support three areas which are important to me:

Investing in Education: We have chosen to provide grant funding to a local community group that will provide STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) training for young people. This is such an important topic for me because the world in which our children will grow up in will be so very different to that of today. I had the pleasure to speak first hand to several Brownies from a local group that had received the first STEM training, and could see their excitement and joy of learning. 

Investing in Local Businesses: We will seek to secure free car-parking aligned with an extended Christmas Festival Weekend in the town centre.This is a direct response to the feedback that I have received from local businesses who have talked about the benefits that our Council supported events bring to the community. A small investment in the car-parking for a single day can bring significant benefits to the greater good to local businesses and the community. 

Investing in our Community: We have managed our finances carefully, reviewed our budget, and as a result are choosing to accelerate capital investment in local facilities that have been allowed to fall into disrepair over recent years. This will bring immediate benefits to the community and for those that use council facilities, and provides an overdue opportunity to refresh the town centre. 

At a local level I can see the huge benefits that come about with a change from a Conservative to a Liberal Democrat administration. With your support I will bring the same positive changes to our politics at a national level.

Demand Better with Lee Dillon.

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